Alpinist Gin – Seattle Distilling

Oh, nuts... and cinnamon, creamy citrus, lavender, and other wonderful botanicals from the Cascade Mountains.

Polash: (4 / 5)
Edwards: (4 / 5)
Objective: (4 / 5)
Alpinist Gin - Seattle Distilling - Review

This gin takes an unexpected turn mid-palate with a cinnamon spice and roasted nuts.

  • Appearance – Clear.
  • Aroma – Citrus, floral and cinnamon .
  • Flavor – Creamy citrus, and cinnamon follow with roasted nuts and a solid juniper finish.
  • Alc/vol – 80 Proof

In the Cascade Mountains near Seattle Washington, comes Alpinist Gin from Seattle Distilling. This gin is rather complex and takes quite a journey on your palate. It begins tamely enough with a creamy citrus, while the nose is experiencing the floral scents of lavender and other increasingly common botanicals being used in craft gins.

However, from there, this gin takes an unexpected turn with a cinnamon spice and roasted nuts. Pulling you back into the more familiar world of gin, comes the piney juniper finish.

This gin is definitely worth taking a journey with. Definitely try it neat first, but you’ll find this to work well with a Negroni, Opera or a Martini.


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