Botanica Spiritvs Gin

It's like Hendricks gin for graduate students

Polash: (4.0 / 5)
Edwards: (4.0 / 5)
Objective: (4.5 / 5)
Botanica Spiritvs Gin from Falcon Spirits Distillery - Review

A very smooth and floral gin that closely resembles Hendricks due to its use of cucumber, but offers significantly more herbal and spice complexity.

  • Appearance – Clear.
  • Aroma – Fruitier and more floral than revealed in taste.
  • Flavor – Herbal, Cucumber, balanced with pepper and juniper.
  • Alc/vol – 90 proof

Botanica Spiritvs Gin from Falcon Spirits Distillery:
“In antiquity, the soul or essence of herbs and flowers where perceived to be their aroma. Since the advent of Distillation Capturing the spirit of plants first for medicinal purpose, and then as delectable libation has been the quest of Alchemists, Monks, and distillers alike. “Botanica Spiritvs Gin” is our endeavor to capture the spirits of over 12 Botanicals in a bottle.

Botanica Spiritvs is a modern gin style, where the flavor of Juniper is less bold and more in harmony with the other botanicals that explodes with flavor and aroma. We employ age old proven, as well as new innovative techniques to capture these botanical flavors.

Botanica Spiritvs Gin is produced in less than 300 bottles per batch at Falcon Spirits distillery in Richmond, California. From start to finish it takes about a month to produce each batch. The base alcohol is Non-GMO grain spirit that has been 6 times distilled and then carbon filtered to remove all impurities. Some of the fruits are distilled within a day from the time they are picked up from farm, and are not available year round. Therefore, each batch is the product of 2-3 separate distillations.

During the main distillation, vapor infusion gives us a clean and elegant, yet stout flavor profile. The heads and tails are discarded, and the heart is blended with the other distillates. The blend is allowed to age for a period of three weeks before being brought to bottling strength. The high proof gin is brought to bottling strength using cucumber water that is prepared by macerating fresh fragrant Persian cucumbers and then adding water from the Sierra Mountains and freezing the mixture. The water within the cells crystalize and burst the cells open; thus releasing the rich cucumber flavor. The frozen mixture is thawed, vacuum filtered, and then used to bring the gin to bottling strength. This mixture is allowed to rest again for an additional day or two and then polished by bringing the gin to 4 degrees Celsius and then passing it through six stage diatomaceous earth filters. At long last it is ready to be bottled and labeled with a stamp signifying the batch number.

Due to the size of our still and the complex nature of producing this gin each batch is less than 300 bottles. The fruits are hand prepared in our small distillery, the gin is hand bottled, labeled and hand numbered with the batch number. We have held and nurtured each and every bottle that you hold in your hand. This attention to detail is what makes the difference between an automated system, and a craft spirit.”

Watch the video of Botanica Gin being produced in Richmond, California:


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