McCormick Gin

A gin best served during a recession

Polash: (1.0 / 5)
Edwards: (2.5 / 5)
Objective: (2.0 / 5)
McCormick Gin - Review

A gin best served during a recession.

  • Appearance – Clear.
  • Aroma – Coriander, juniper.
  • Flavor – Strong coriander, juniper and harsh ethanol.
  • Alc/vol – 80 Proof

McCormick’s Distillery in Weston, Missouri makes “premium” spirits, but their gin isn’t one of them. Instead, McCormick’s gin is listed on their website as a “family brand”, which I think means it’s inexpensive enough for the whole family to get sauced!

As far as cheap gin goes, McCormick’s isn’t that bad. As long as you don’t object to a heavy dose of coriander mixed with a bit of harsh alcohol on your way to finding the juniper.

Fun fact: Opened originally by Benjamin J. Holladay in 1856 under the name Holladay Distillery, its distillery has been registered in the National Register of Historic Places and has been operating continuously at the same location longer than any other distillery in the United States.


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